Timeline: Maab (10 years) was tortured and killed by her father Noah Ali Saleh Al Yemeni (33 years)


Honour killing story 2015: Amina

Honour killing story

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born: 1998
attempted murder: 17 November 2015
Residence: Bad Endorf / Munich
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 1 daughter (8 months)
Perpetrator: her "husband" Suliman N. (21 years)
In a mosque in Munich Amina was married at the age of 16 to Suliman, who is 4 years older. However, they are only married for Islam by an Imam, which is not recognised in Germany. Who is the driving force behind the marriage to a minor is unclear. It could be Amina's family. It could be that Suliman hopes for a German passport and a residence permit. But it could also be that Amina was in love.

Suliman lives in a refugee house in Bad Endorf, Bavaria. He wants to legalize the marriage in Germany. But Amina refuses. There is talk of domestic violence and death threats. The mother flees with the 8-month-old baby to a women's shelter in Munich.

This is where Suliman ambushed her in November 2015 and stabbed her 15 times in the street with a corkscrew. Next to her is the pram with her daughter. Amina is covered with cuts. Passers-by intervene.

The trial for attempted manslaughter starts in August 2016 at the Munich District Court. Suliman says he doesn't remember anything. At the end of August, he was sentenced to 5 years and 9 months in prison for attempted manslaughter and bodily harm.

The name Amina is mentioned in the newspaper.

Honour killing story 2016: Amir

Honour killing story

born: 1986
stung: 22/23 June 2016
Location: Römerberg / Speyer
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: probably yes
Perpetrator: Farid (23 years)
Amir lives in Römerberg, Farid lives in Speyer. Both are asylum seekers from Afghanistan.

Amir lives apart from his wife and is with Farid's sister. Her brother does not accept that. That's why Farid stabs him in his neck twice. The body was found by walkers on 23 June 2016 in the Rhine meadows between Speyer and Ottostadt. A few days later, the perpetrator was arrested.

The trial before the Frankenthal court starts in November. The Public Prosecutor's Office speaks of a totally exaggerated sense of honour. In December, the perpetrator is sentenced to nine and a half years imprisonment for manslaughter.

The exact names of those involved are not known. We are happy with tips!

Honour killing story 2015: Susa

Honour killing story

born: 1987
attempted murder: 14-15 August 2015
Location: Bielefeld / Bonn
Origin: Iraq / Kurds
Children: none
Perpetrators: her brothers (37 and 44 years old)
28-year-old Susa has a boyfriend she wants to marry. He is 33 years old and probably has a daughter from his first marriage. Susa has also been divorced before. It is possible that her first marriage was a forced marriage. Her family is from Iraq.

Susa's brothers live in Bonn-Sank Augustin and in the Netherlands and do not agree with the wedding. At a sick brother in Bonn-Oberkassel the brothers meet Susa on August 14, 2015 and knock her unconscious. They threaten to kill her, because her wedding is a burden for the honour of the family.

Another older brother intervenes. Eventually he and Susa are admitted to hospital. On the same evening the brothers are arrested. It is possible that the night of the crime was the night before the planned Muslim wedding.

In October 2015, the trial for attempted murder and bodily harm at the Bonn District Court will begin. The younger brother does not make any pronouncements about the crime in court.

The judge says: "Every woman can choose the man she wants. Brothers have to accept that too. You can't react to that with violence." Nevertheless, the court ruled against the infliction of serious bodily harm. The two brothers were given suspended sentences of two and a half years. As a result, the Sister was still exposed to the danger.

Susa is not the real name of the woman.

Honour killing story 2016: Anna

Honour killing story

born: 1972
attempted murder: 4 May 2016
Location: Saarbrücken
Origin: Perpetrator: Morocco
Children: ?
Perpetrator: her boyfriend Mohamed (44 or 47 years)
Mohamed comes from Morocco and has been in Germany since 2005 or 2006. Elsewhere it is said that he actually has a different name and comes from Algeria. In 2007, his asylum application was rejected. His tolerance was extended 50 times. He will be deported in 2015. He goes into hiding and lives mainly with his girlfriend in Saarbrücken. Her nationality is unclear, probably a German.

On 4 May 2016 Mohamed stabbed his girlfriend a dozen times and broke her nasal bone and jaw. A broken knife gets stuck in her head. The perpetrator flees the apartment and meets a neighbour in the stairwell. She says she is going to call the police. Mohamed hits her in the face,

The perpetrator is arrested on the street, under the blood. The officers find the murder weapon. The woman is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. She is operated on and survived.

In November 2016, Mohamed is sentenced to 7 years and 4 months imprisonment for attempted manslaughter and ill-treatment.

The nationality of the woman, her name, possible children - as yet unknown. We would be happy with clues! For an email directly to us you can simply click here

Honour killing story 2016: Leila

Honour killing story

born: 1996
attempted murder: 5 December 2016
Location: Weil im Schönbuch (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 2 daughters (1 and 4 years)
Perpetrator: her husband (30 years)
At the age of 13 Leila was married by her parents to a man who is about 10 years older for a bridal rate of 1500 euros. The marriage is violent.

In February 2016 they will come to Germany with a little daughter. Later, Leila will give economic reasons for the "flight". Another daughter is born.

Leila is 21 years old and lives in a refugee shelter in Weil im Schönbuch (Böblingen district). On 5 December 2017 her husband stabbed his sleeping wife 13 times with a knife. She screams for help, neighbours call the aid workers. Leila is flown to the clinic with a rescue helicopter, undergoes an emergency operation and survives only just.

After the crime the perpetrator jumps out of the window, flees and is later arrested in Böblingen. The children are taken into the care of the Youth Care Office.

In August, the Stuttgart Regional Court sentences the perpetrator to 11 years' imprisonment for attempted murder and the infliction of serious bodily harm. The reason given by the judge for the mild verdict is that the perpetrator feels hurt in his honour.

Honour killing story 2015: Zada

Honour killing story

born: 1991
stabbed to death: 27 November 2015
Location: Wörth / Palatinate
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 1 son
Perpetrator: her husband (31 years)
Zada and her husband live in a refugee apartment in Wörth. Zada will be stabbed there in November 2015. She is bleeding to death. Neighbours call the police. The policemen find the body in the corridor and arrest the blood-stained husband.

In June 2016, the lawsuit will start before the Landau court. It appears that a report of domestic violence has already been made. Zada had stated that her husband had mistreated her for years. He claims not to remember the crime in court. In July, he was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment for manslaughter.

Zada is not the real name of the woman. We are happy with clues!

Honour killing story: Ana (2015)

Honour killing story

born: 1981
attempted murder: 22 December 2015
Residence: Kaltenkirchen (near Hamburg)
Origin: unclear
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: unclear, probably from the family
Maybe this act is not an honour killing, and maybe this case does not belong in this archive.

In the first instance, it is "only" an attempted murder: on December 22, 2015, Ana takes her garbage can from the street to the courtyard of the house. An unsub approaches from behind, pours flammable liquid over her and sets her on fire. She comes to a special clinic with burns and survives.

The perpetrator is on the run. Initially it is said that the crime took place in the Russian environment, but the police say: "We are talking about German citizens". Later it is said - probably from the neighbourhood - that it is about "a different cultural background, in which it is better not to interfere". Then there are the rumours that they are Chechens.

Ana is not the real name of the woman. We would be very happy with clues!

If it turns out that there is no honor motive, we will, of course, remove the case from the archive again.

Honour killing story: Marget and Katrin

Honour killing story

Marget and Katrin
born: 1982, 1981
Stabbed to death: 4 January 2015
Residence: Lüneburg
Origin: Iraq / Kurds / Jesides
Children: Marget 3, Katrin 2
Perpetrator: Marget's husband Ziad Karnous (37 years)
It is likely that Ziad came to Germany as a refugee from Iraq around 2003. He marries his cousin (not 1st degree) Marget Karnous and takes her name. They have three children (8, 9, 11 years old). Even after 11 years in Germany, Ziad speaks only broken German. He works as a kitchen helper. The family is inconspicuous until the crime.

Marget and Ziad are Yazidi. But Marget wants to divorce and become a Christian.

On 4 January 2015, Marget's friend Katrin, who is active in a Protestant free church, will be with her. Ziad stabs her to intimidate his wife. She probably refuses to return to him. She calls for help. Then he stabs her too. During the crime, the three children are with family members.

The neighbors hear the screams and call the police. Ziad is on the run. The police are looking for him all over Europe.

Apparently the perpetrator also has a different passport than Ziad Haji Rascho, his Iraqi name. There is also an earlier date of birth. Ziad pretended to be a minor when he entered Germany.

Almost 3 weeks after the crime, Ziad is arrested in Hamburg and charged with double murder. He confesses to the crime. In May 2015 the trial starts at the Lüneburg District Court.

In September, the twofold murderer is sentenced to life imprisonment. The particular seriousness of the guilt is established.

In December 2016, the Federal Supreme Court decided that the trial should be reopened.

In October 2017, the first verdict is confirmed: Life imprisonment. The court confirms that the defendant has not made any integration achievements in Germany in 15 years.

Honour killing story: Katharina

Honour killing story

born: 1972
attempted murder: 15 September 2015
Residence: Bensheim (near Darmstadt)
Origin: Sri Lanka / Tamil
Children: 2 daughters (5 and 11 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Annalatas S. (47 years)
Annalatas comes to Germany in 1992 as a refugee from Sri Lanka. His parents gave him a wife from his homeland in 2005. Because of the unclear residence status (and perhaps also because of his behaviour) Katharina probably lives temporarily in France. After the birth of her second daughter she came to Germany and quickly learned good German, unlike him. He works at McDonald's, she takes care of the two daughters.

The marriage is violent, at least one case from 2013 is registered. Katharina wants a divorce. In September 2015 there will be another dispute. Annalatas wants to push a butcher's knife in front of their daughter into the stomach of his wife. She defends herself, he cuts her head in. Later, the coroner will explain that it is a miracle that she survived. The perpetrator flees through the window, but is arrested almost immediately.

In April 2016 the trial in the court of Darmstadt for attempted murder begins. Katharina applied for divorce, but does not testify in court.

In May, Annalatas is sentenced to 5 years and 3 months imprisonment. A high alcohol content during the crime has a soothing effect. The judge points out that the Tamil does not regret his crime. He does not want an emancipated woman.