Honour killings in Europe (2018 to date)

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Honour killings are common among Afghan, Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi and Hindustani girls. They are rejected, mistreated or murdered by their families because they have damaged the good honour. The reason is often that girls have a relationship that is not approved by their parents or want to divorce. Read more about the horrible honour killing stories of 2018 or the honour killing stories of 2017.

Honour killing story: Nikola H.

Honour killing story

Nikola H.
born: 1999
stabbed to death: 9 July 2018
Place of residence: Neustadt (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Origin: Victim: Poland; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 1 son (at act 7 Mo. old)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Osman Y. (22 y.)
Nikola was born in Poland, Osman in Germany. Osman beats up his girlfriend, they break up, he threatens her further. Osman moves to Germersheim, Nikola to Neustadt. The couple has a son together.

On April 27, 2018, Osman is sentenced to probation for assault and battery. He had beaten and choked his ex-girlfriend.

On July 9th, he kills her late at night. Neighbours hear the screams and call the police. Nikola had fled the apartment badly injured, had rung the doorbell of a neighbor (42 y.). Osman also injured the neighbour.

Nikola is found dead in the stairwell. Over 10 stitches are counted. The perpetrator flees, but is arrested near the crime scene. The neighbour is operated on and survives.

The 7-month-old baby comes to Nikola's mother.

Honour killing story: Amanda

Honour killing story

born: 1994
Shot: June 1, 2018
Place of residence: Hagen
Origin: unclear, perpetrator suspected Turkey
Children: min. 1 son
Perpetrator: her friend Adnan (25 y.)
Amanda and Adnan come from Lower Saxony and are visiting Hagen, NRW, probably with Adnan's family. It comes to an argument, Adnan shoots down his girlfriend.

Amanda dies in the hospital. The perpetrator entrenches himself in the apartment of relatives, possibly together with a child, possibly with Amanda's son. After 4 hours, he gives up and is arrested.

Honour killing story: Jana

Honour killing story

born: 1983
stabbed to death: 16. June 2018
Place of residence: Hannover
Origin: Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Bülent Icel (at act 57 y.)
End of May 2018 Jana reports her ex-boyfriend Bülent, who is more than 20 years older, as a threat. We are talking about stalking, a knife and a firearm. But nothing happens.

In the early morning of 16 June, Bülent stabs his ex-girlfriend in the eastern city of Hanover. Residents hear the cries for help and call the rescue service. Jana dies in the hospital.

The perpetrator flees. Apparently he drives to Bielefeld, where he tells a passer-by about the crime. Bülent is arrested. Name and nationality of the victim are not known.

Honour killing story: Marcella S. and her unborn child

Honour killing story

Marcella S. and her unborn child
born: 2001
Attempted murder: 6 September 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg
Origin: Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: she was pregnant
Perpetrator: her "ex-boyfriend" Rifai B. (at act 16 y.)
Marcella is 17, has an affair with the 1 year younger Rifai and becomes pregnant. She informs him in spring 2018. He then writes that no one should know. Otherwise he would kill her and the baby.

On 6 September the two meet for a walk. Rifai says his father would kill him if he found out about the baby. Then 3 masked people jump out of the bushes and stab the young woman. Rifai hits her. Seriously injured, Marcella saves herself in a garden. The house owners call the emergency doctor.

Rifai is arrested the same evening. The 3 accomplices (15-17 years) are arrested one day later. The 15-year-old is an Iraqi with a Swedish passport, who has been in Germany since 2013. Two of the arrested have a German and a Turkish passport, one comes from Turkey and has a German passport.

The unborn baby remains unharmed. The warrant is for attempted murder. Nothing is known about Marcella's nationality (probably German or Italian).

Honour killing story: Ayse

Honour killing story

born: 2000
Attempted murder: 11 January 2018
Place of residence: Pleidelsheim (near Stuttgart)
Origin: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her mother (at act 41 y.)
Women can also be perpetrators of honour crimes. In many cases they are even seen as the driving force. In this case from Pleidelsheim in Baden-Württemberg the mother even stabbed her.

On 11 January 2018, after closing time, she lurks in front of the hairdresser's shop where her 18-year-old daughter works. Then the mother penetrates the shop, pulls a knife and stabs her several times. Afterwards, she goes after a friend who is present. The two young women are seriously injured and go to the hospital.

The mother is arrested on remand and remains silent. The daughter is considered to be severely endangered by other family members and is guarded around the clock. Ayse is not her real name.

The trial begins in August 2018 at the Stuttgart Regional Court. In October, the mother is sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury. The report concludes with the following information: "The injured daughter is now living with her family again. She did not testify against her mother in court."

Honour killing story: Daniela

Honour killing story

born: 1973
Attempted murder: 18 May 2018
Place of residence: Neubrandenburg (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
Origin: Victims: Germany; Perpetrators: Turkey
Children: probably none
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 29 y.)
Ali comes from Turkey and applies for asylum in Germany. He meets a German woman 9 years older. Probably this will increase his chances of staying. Nevertheless, the asylum application is rejected.

The relationship will break up in 2017. On 18 May 2018, Ali stabbed his new friend (a 31-year-old with a Turkish/German double pass) in the neck late in the evening. He then stabbed his ex-girlfriend. Both are seriously injured in the hospital and survive.

The offender flees, the knife stays at the scene. Later, the perpetrator is arrested in the apartment of a friend.

The warrant is for 2 counts of attempted murder and assault. The offender's place of residence is not Neubrandenburg, and the correct names are not known.

Honour killing story: Dilara

Honour killing story

born: 1971
Attempted murder: 17 April 2018
Place of residence: Berlin
Origin: Turkey
Children: several
Perpetrator: her father (at act 75 y.)
Dilara is 47 years old, has several children and works as a saleswoman in a shopping mall in Berlin-Gropiusstradt. She wants to leave her husband. Her father sees this as a violation of family honor. He may have chosen her husband.

On April 17, 2018, he stabbed his daughter in the shopping center during her lunch break. Dilara goes to the hospital, undergoes emergency surgery and survives. The father is overwhelmed by witnesses and detained, then arrested by the police.

The trial at the Berlin Criminal Court begins in October 2018. Dilara is not the real name of the woman.

Honour killing story: Hülya

Honour killing story

born: 1977
Attempted murder: 27 March 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg-Marxloh
Origin: presumed Turkey
Children: at least 1 daughter (at act 18 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband (56 y.)
On March 27, 2018, a Turk in the family residence attacks his 15 year younger wife with a knife. The 18-year-old daughter intervenes, she is also injured.

The perpetrator is arrested. This leads to riots on the street.

Hülya comes to the hospital badly injured, as does her daughter. A homicide squad investigates. Hülya is not the real name of the woman.

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Corrupt Dutch authorities chose jealousy as their motive. “Someone didn’t want Narges to get married. Aryan R. was hopelessly in love with Haroen Mehraban” lied Prosecutor of Justice Mr. Rob van Noort before the District Court in The Netherlands.