Honour killing story: Veronika (2014)

Honour killing story

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born: 1992
Strangled: 30 August 2014
Residence: Fürth (Franken)
Origin: Victim: Germany; perpetrator: Lebanon
Children: one son (4 months)
Perpetrator: her friend Faysal El Hassan (43 years)
The 22-year-old Veronika has a four-month-old son with her friend Faysal, a stateless person from Lebanon. His profession is referred to as bar owner. Or he works in a bar.

The two had met about 4 years earlier in a discotheque and had probably been a couple for about a year and a half. The police were called in several times for domestic violence. Faysal has a criminal record. A friend says there were problems when Veronika wanted to go out.

On August 30, 2014, Faysal will strangle the young mother. A neighbour finds the body and informs the police. The perpetrator flees, but is arrested two days later in Nuremberg. Someone recognized him in a parking lot and called the police. The baby is placed in a foster family, later with his grandparents.

In July 2015, the lawsuit will start at the regional court of Nuremberg-Fürth. In July, the perpetrator is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for manslaughter.

Honour killing story: Hafida R. (2014)

Honour killing story

Hafida R.
born: 1970
murdered: about 10 August 2014
Residence: Munich
Origin: Victim: Morocco; perpetrator: Iran
Children: 2 (3 and 7 years)
Perpetrator: her husband Abbas-Ali Rahat-Farimani (62 years)
Hafida has been married for 7 years to Abbas, who is 15 years older and works as a guard. The couple has 2 children.

The family will probably go on holiday on 10 August 2014. Abbas-Ali stabs his wife and flees with the two children.

If Hafida doesn't respond for three weeks, her sister will call the police. The officers break open the door and find the body in a pool of blood on September 2. Probably she had been there for three weeks. The balcony is full of flies. The door was sealed with rubber to prevent the smell of decomposition from spreading. So the crime was planned. This is also indicated by the fact that the perpetrator sold the car for the alleged holiday.

In previous years, Hafida had called the police at least twice for domestic violence. Once she moved to the women's shelter. Neighbours also describe the father as violent, especially towards his 7-year-old daughter. He did nothing with his son, they say, he only hated women. The perpetrator is still a fugitive today. Where the children are is unclear.

Honour killing story: Christine (2014)

Honour killing story

born: 1969
stabbed: August 3, 2014
Location: Afferde / Hameln (Lower Saxony)
Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Turkey
Children: 2 sons (15 and 17 years)
Perpetrator: Erdan, her divorced living husband (42 years)
Christian and Erdan have two teenage sons. In June 2014 Christine will divorce and move with the sons to another apartment. Because of marital violence she gets a restraining order for her husband.

Erdan does not comply with the restraining order. On August 3, he hid near the driveway of her house, beat her up, and stabbed her. The landlord, who had rushed to help her, was also wounded. The perpetrator has also cut himself. Christine dies at the scene of the crime. The sons are probably on the premises, but they don't see the crime.

As the neighbours inform the police, the perpetrator is arrested near the crime scene. The knife has been confiscated. The sons are placed in a foster family.

In January 2015, the proceedings against the trained lathe operator will begin. In February he was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder by the Hanover Regional Court.

Honour killing story: 3 children (2014)

Honour killing story

3 children
born: 2011, 2012, 2013
thrown out of the window: 18 March 2014
Location: Treuchtlingen/Franken
Origin: Perpetrator: Iraq
Perpetrator: her father Aras K. (30 years)
The 30-year-old Aras comes from Iraq. His 22-year-old wife Katja comes from Portugal and wears a headscarf for him. They live in seclusion and have 3 children: a 10 month old boy and his sisters of 2 and 3 years old.

The father initially works for a car supplier, but is then unemployed. The children are not allowed to play outside. Neighbours only know them from behind the window.

In March 2014 the woman will divorce and move to her sister in Baden-Württemberg. To convince his wife to return, Aras threatens to hurt the children. A few days later, he lives up to his threats and throws the children out of the window. He jumps after them himself. Everyone survives seriously injured.

The perpetrator has been arrested. In June he dies as a result of an attempted suicide.

Honour killing story: Rabia and Denys (2014)

Honour killing story

Rabia and Denys
born: 1993
attempted murder: 25 May 2014
Residence: Fürstenwalde (Brandenburg)
Origin: Lebanon
Children: probably not
Perpetrators: Rabia's parents Mariam and Khaled (62 and 61 years old)
Mariam and Khaled are stateless Arabs from Lebanon. They are strictly Islamic and came to Germany in 1998. At that time their children were 5, 7 and 9 years old. Her daughter Rabia is allowed to graduate from high school and falls in love at the age of 20 with a school friend who converts to Islam for her. But that is not enough for the parents. He is neither a real Arab nor a real Muslim. Although one of the older brothers is married to a German woman.

The parents are put under pressure by their community. They should be tougher on their daughter. When a friend sees the couple in public, the parents are immediately informed.

Rabia's parents see their family honour in jeopardy and threaten her with a forced marriage. When the father discovers his daughter's second cell phone, the mother gives him permission to kill her daughter. Rabia sends her friend Denys a text message. He finds his girlfriend, her brother and the parents on a construction site. The family builds a house there.

The father attacks the friend with a beam of wood. The mother strangled the daughter and attacked her with a stone. She shouts, "I'll make your head explode." Denys can call the police, the parents repeat their death threats to the officers.

In the first place, the court of Fürstenwalde will deal with cases of coercion, threats and the infliction of bodily harm. However, the judge sees a joint attempted murder and refers the case to the court of Frankfurt/Oder. The case will be heard there from August 2016. Rabia and Denys will go to a witness protection programme. In September, the parents will be ordered to pay fines for inflicting physical injury and threats. The role of the brothers Mohammed and Ibrahim remains unclear. They are said to have offered their parents to kill their sister and her boyfriend.

Rabia and Denys are not the real names of those involved.

Honour killing story: Yazar B. (2014)

Honour killing story

Yazar B.
born: 1967
attempted murder: 7 December 2014
Location: Nienburg (Lower Saxony)
Origin: Turkey/Curds/Jesids
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: Nicolae, a Romanian hit man (33 years)
Yazar is the director of a furniture store in Nienburg. He may be in a relationship with a married woman from Hoya. At least that is what her 32-year-old husband Ragip believes. He conspires with his father, his wife's brother and her father. Together they decide to send a Romanian assassin from Garbsen to Yazar for 10,000 euros.

On 7 December 2014, the hitman will be lurking in front of his victim's shop in the evening and will shoot twice. Yazar survives badly injured. The father of the 52-year-old husband supervises the crime. He also supplied the murder weapon.

In March 2015, the assassin, the man and his father are arrested. The police find the murder weapon. The murderer confesses, the others remain silent.

The trial before the District Court of Verden will start in September 2015. Five men are accused: the deceived husband Ragip, his father Mustafa, the assassin Nicolae, the eldest brother of the wife Umut and her father Adnan. Everyone is supposed to be involved in the planning and financing of the crime. A bulletproof wall is erected in court. The court assumes that the Kurdish-Jesidian families involved continue to pursue Yazar in order to kill her. Whether Yazar is also Yazid is not known. He is from Turkey.

In January 2016, the four family members will be acquitted - expressly not on the basis of proven innocence. The court was convinced that the murder order came from the family for reasons of honour. However, the involvement of each individual in the crime could not be proven. The allegedly cheating woman, like the rest of the clan, had refused to testify in court. The trial against the shooter continues, the verdict is unknown.

Honour killing story: Basima M. (2014)

Honour killing story

Basima M.
born: 1977
attempted murder: 26 October 2014
Residence: Munich
Origin: Iraq
Children: 4 (7, 9, 19, 22 years)
Perpetrator: her ex-husband Ismail Ahmad Moayad (44 years)
Basima has a daughter of 22 years old at the age of 37. At the age of 15 she was probably forced to marry by her parents. How the family came to Germany is unknown.

There is at least one case of domestic violence, but probably countless. In the summer of 2013 Ismail beats up his wife and eldest daughter. They do not file a complaint, but Basima submits a divorce application.

Furthermore, Ismail was allowed to see his children at the weekend. He kidnaps the two younger brothers to Iraq. A few months later, with the help of family members, they are brought back to Munich. An arrest warrant is issued, Ismail disappears.

On the divorce date in October 2014, he will not appear before the court. He is not allowed to see the children because of the risk of abduction. Although he is wanted, he will visit his wife in October 2014. Family members are visiting. Yet he immediately attacks his wife and stabs her in front of family members and a son. Basima is operated on and survives.

The perpetrator flees with the subway, images from surveillance cameras show that he is walking on the platform. From there the trail is lost.

In the newspaper another name for Basima is used.

Honour killing story: Yasmin F. (2014)

Honour killing story

Yasmin F.
born: 1980
attempted murder: 18 October 2014
Residence: Berlin
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 daughter
Perpetrator: her husband Sahin (46 years)
In 1998 Yasmin turns 18, she lives in Turkey and her parents marry her. It is only an imam marriage, because her husband Sahin has already married a German through a marriage of convenience.

Yasmin comes to Berlin and has a daughter. Sahin has to return to Turkey in 2002 because his marriage fraud has been discovered. When he returns ten years later, Yasmin has become an independent woman who no longer wants to subordinate herself to her husband. Domestic violence occurs.

In October 2014, Yasmin will talk about a divorce. Her husband stabbed her with a butcher's knife. Then he calls the ambulance - an exculpatory circumstance for lawyers during the attempted murder. Therefore, in April 2015, Sahin will be sentenced by the Berlin regional court to 2 years' and 9 months' imprisonment and payment of damages of 20,000 euros for the pain and suffering caused by the infliction of serious bodily harm.

Honour killing story: Murat (2014)

Honour killing story

born: 1994
Attempted murder: 13 October 2014
Location: Düsseldorf
Origin: Turkey
Children: unclear
Perpetrator: Eyüp Tolga Sasunlu (22 years)
Murat is married, but divorced and has a relationship with another woman. Her brother Eyüb Tolga considers this a violation of family honour. At a bus stop he hits a knife in the stomach of his sister friend. The victim goes to the ground, Eyüp keeps entering Murat.

If Eyüp thinks Murat is dead, he flees.

Murat comes to a clinic, is operated on and survives. The perpetrator is arrested a few days later in a family home in Nettetal. He had already prepared his escape to Turkey.

The process starts in March 2015. The Public Prosecutor's Office is talking about an attempt at honour killings. The suspect is silent. Probably he was noticed by the police in the past.

Murat is not the real name of the victim.

Honour killing story: Mehtap Savasci (2014)

Honour killing story

Mehtap Savasci
born: 1974
murdered: 7 October 2014
Location: Kassel
Origin: Turkey
Children: unclear, at least 1 daughter
Perpetrator: her brother Mehmet (50 years)
Mehtap Savasci comes from a Turkish family and was born in Germany. She works in the Integration Department of the Immigration Department in Kassel. On 7 October 2014, she is abducted early in the morning on her way to work. The neighbours see a fight. Later she reports sick to the voicemail of a colleague.

Her older brother is suspected of having something to do with the disappearance. He first lives in Offenbach and later moves to Maintal. The police found incriminating evidence about his van. He was arrested on 14 October. The police kept looking for Methap.

On 7 November one finds her body buried in an allotment garden in Wiesbaden, which was located via her brother's mobile phone data. The brother is in custody and is silent.

In October 2015 Mehmet will be sentenced to life imprisonment for murder by the regional court of Kassel. The court sees as a motive that the victim did not comply with the offender's ideas about "family and respect". The defence had admitted that he was involved in the murder, but that the evidence was too weak to convict.