The legal entanglements surrounding murder victim Narges Achikzei in a timeline

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Narges Achikzei, who was set on fire, and her boyfriend had a heated conflict with the woman's 32-year-old former employer in Utrecht. The family is associated with fraudulent practices. In any case, they were accused by an aggrieved man. He himself was summoned to a court one week after the fire murder in connection with the slander. For a long time he is said to have sent e-mails to the woman - an ex-worker - and damaged her honour and good name.

It is very likely that this conflict played a role in the cruel death. The public prosecutor's office never wants to answer questions about the content of the legal conflict. It is clear that the conflict exerted great pressure on Achikzei and other participants.

Police Zeist under pressure: suspicion of covering up honour killing at the fire murder of Narges Achikzei

In the case of honour killings, it is inevitable that statements are made with an emphasis on restoring 'honour'; that does not mean that all statements are true. We have put 200 contradictory statements about the Zeist fire murder in a diagram. Officially, the fire murder of Narges Achikzei is a murder without a motive, because judges have rejected the fabricated jealousy motive. On the basis of our investigation, this is a case of honour killing that corrupt Police Zeist has covered up.


Narges Achikzei is a victim of a love rival because everyone says so and because honour killing has been contradicted by her family and friends.

Narges Achikzei is a victim of honour killing because she did not want to marry the Afghan man the parents had chosen for her.

Narges Achikzei had major problems with her family and friends' legal extortion campaign against her former employer.

Narges Achikzei had planned an appointment with an anonymous Public Prosecutor to discuss her criminal case.

Everyone in Narges’ vicinity knew that she would rather not marry the Afghan man the parents had chosen for her, that she wanted to marry a man of her own choice and that she was in love with a Dutch man.

Testimony 205 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

Ex boss
Everyone in Narges' vicinity knew that she would rather not marry the Afghan man the parents had chosen for her, that she wanted to marry a man of her own choice and that she was in love with a Dutch man. The police have lied a great deal about this murder in the media. I notified the Utrecht Police about fiancée Mehraban and lawyer Ruijzendaal as shot-callers for the murdering of Narges with fire.

Honour killing story: Hülya

Honour killing story

born: 1977
Attempted murder: March 27, 2018
Place of residence: Duisburg-Marxloh
Origin: presumed Turkey
Children: at least 1 girl (in act 18 y.)
Author: her husband (56 y.)
On March 27, 2018, a Turk in the family residence attacks his 15 year younger wife with a knife. The 18-year-old daughter intervenes, she is also injured.

The perpetrator is arrested. This leads to riots on the street.

Hülya comes to the hospital badly injured, as does her daughter. A homicide squad investigates. Hülya is not the real name of the woman.

Honour killing story: Adea

Honour killing story

born: 1980
Attempted murder: 3 May 2017
Place of residence: Münster
Origin: Albania
Children: 1 son (at act 13 y.), 1 daughter (18 y.)
Perpetrator: her husband (at act 43 y.)
At the age of 15 or 16, Adea is married in 1996 in Albania to a man 5 years older. They have 2 children and come to Germany with the refugee flow from Albania in 2015. The asylum application is rejected, but the deportation does not take place.

On May 3, 2017, the husband stabbed his wife in their apartment in Münster-Roxel, a knife got stuck in her throat. She is seriously injured and flees to the street. Passers-by call the emergency service. Adea goes to the hospital.

The perpetrator is arrested. He confesses the crime.

In October 2017 the trial before the Regional Court of Münster begins. In December, the offender is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for attempted manslaughter. Adea is not the real name of the victim. We would be very happy about hints!

Honour killing story: Farima Seadi

Honour killing story

Farima Seadi
born: 1979
stabbed to death: 29 April 2017
Place of residence: Prien am Chiemsee
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 4 (at act 5, 11, 20, ? y.)
Perpetrator: Hamidullah Moradi (29 y.)
In about 2011 Farima and her family flee Afghanistan to Germany. The 4-time mother had already been converted to Christianity and baptized as a Protestant. At some point she separates from the father of the children (at act 49 years). She works as an interpreter and has a stand at the Christmas market.

Hamidullah comes as a refugee from Afghanistan in 2013. He initially lives with tolerance in Prien am Chiemsee and knows Farima from her honorary position: She is involved in the Tafel, where Hamidullah fetches food. He loses his job in the building yard, and is later threatened with deportation. On 29 April 2017, he stabs her to death with a machete and 16 stabs on the open road. Farima dies in the hospital. Her two younger sons (5 and 11 y.) have to witness the crime.

A randomly present policeman, together with passers-by, overwhelms the perpetrator. He fights hard, but is arrested.

The children are taken into care. The victim's sister later speaks of an Islamic execution. Hamidullah could not accept that an Afghan convert to Christianity.

The process will begin in January 2018. In February, the Traunstein Regional Court sentences the offender to life imprisonment. The particular severity of the guilt is determined. Additional note: It is also said in court that refugee counselors had helped to delay the deportation.

Honour killing story: Maryam A.

Honour killing story

Maryam A.
born: 1967
Attempted murder: 2 May 2017
Place of residence: Hamburg
Origin: Iran
Children: yes, unclear how many
Perpetrator: her husband Shahariyar M. (at act 60 y.)
Maryam is a kindergarten teacher, her husband is an Iranian former sailor named Shahariyar.

On May 2, 2017, Shahariyar hits her in the bedroom with a telescopic stick. Possibly he forces her to take an overdose of tablets. Maryam comes seriously injured to the hospital and can be saved by a blood transfusion.

Neighbours call the police who will find bloodstains all over the house.

From October 2017, the perpetrator stands before the Hamburg Regional Court for attempted murder. In addition, the dangerous assault of his nephew Frasat is being tried. The perpetrator had beaten him up in March 2017 because he believed his nephew had a relationship with his wife.

The judgement is not to be found.

Honour killing story: Milenka T.

Honour killing story

Milenka T.
born: 1955
decapitated: May 2017
Place of residence: Düsseldorf
Origin: Roma from Serbia
Children: 2 sons
Perpetrator: unclear
Milenka and the perpetrators are Roma from Serbia, they have a German passport.

Milenka has 2 sons, but lives alone in Düsseldorf-Holthausen.

Probably at the beginning of May 2017, the perpetrator cuts off Milenka's head in her apartment. He cuts up the torso and brings it to the cellar. The body is found there on 5 May 2017.

A police press conference is cancelled, the perpetrator is still on the run. It is supposed to be a relationship act.

Honour killing story: Florija M.

Honour killing story

Florija M.
born: 1974
suffocated: 24 April 2017
Place of residence: Sasbach (near Offenburg)
Origin: suspected: Victim: Albania; perpetrator: Turkey
Children: victim unclear, perpetrator: 2
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend Attila Ö. (at act 50 y.)
On April 24, 2017, there is a loud dispute in a family home in Sasbach. Attila had hidden for several hours in his ex-girlfriend's apartment in order to attack and kidnap her. When she fights hard, he chokes her until she is dead. He leaves the body in the stairwell, takes the car key from the apartment and flees with the car of his dead ex-girlfriend.

Neighbors call 911. The perpetrator turns himself in the next morning to the police in Offenburg. His profession is indicated with sales representative, trained IT system merchant, as place of residence Appenweier. He is divorced and has 2 children.

Rumour has it that the victim is from Albania, the perpetrator from Turkey, both have a German passport.

In January 2018 the trial before the Regional Court of Baden-Baden begins. The offender has been convicted several times. In March he is sentenced to 12 years and 3 months imprisonment for manslaughter.

Honour killing story: Carla

Honour killing story

born: 1985
Attempted murder: 24 April 2017
Place of residence: Mönchengladbach-Rheydt
Origin: Turkey
Children: 1 son (at act 5 y.)
Perpetrator: her ex-boyfriend (at act 38 y.)
Carla has a 5 year old son with her ex-boyfriend. On April 24, 2017 the parents meet in front of the day care center in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt.

She gets in the car with him. After 2 hours of wandering he shoots at her. Later, at a crossroads where she calls for help, he shoots at her for the second time. He picks up his son and shoots at his ex-girlfriend again in a garage yard. Trying to kill her with a gun, he shoots himself in the leg.

Carla comes seriously injured to the hospital and is being operated on for several hours. In the following days she is operated several times. The son is taken care of by the Youth Welfare Office.

The perpetrator is arrested. In October 2017 the trial begins at the Regional Court Mönchengladbach for attempted murder of a person in 3 cases in unit of crime with dangerous bodily harm. It comes out that the perpetrator is already father of 5 children and had met a "woman from Iraq" at the time of the crime. In December, the perpetrator is sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempted manslaughter and dangerous assault. He must pay 50,000 euros in damages for pain and suffering. Carla is not the real name of the woman.