Monetary Illustration Circle of icons illustrating controversy around the Afghan woman burned

Afghan Woman Burned

Dowry Bride Burning

Revenge on failed attempt by the husband to get more money from the bride or her family.

Love Troubles

Rumours went around that victim was in love with her Dutch ex-boss.

Business Extortion

The victim and her husband and his lawyer demanded money from her Dutch ex-boss.

Criminal Motive

Several websites reported that the victim and her husband scammed people on the internet.

Corrupt Dutch Police

Corrupt detectives played their own games with the victim, her husband and his lawyer.

Contract Killing

The executor or her family received a sum of money for burning the victim alive.

Bad Sharia Marriage

Victim wanted a divorce under Islamic law. Her husband thought, 'if I can't be with her then neither can anyone else.'

Conceal Abuse

The victim was seriously abused by a large group of people, which must remain hidden.

Jealous Female Killer

The murderer, who is the sister of a friend of the victim's husband, was jealous and in love with the victim's husband.

Psycho Killer

An expert claims that there are indications that she is suffering from a Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Barbaric Culture

Afghan women who do not want to submit to the will of the family are severely punished.

Clan Problem

Acquaintances of the family say that the victim caused problems within the clan.

Racist Group Murder

The victim's family claimed that witnesses say that 3 white men with bivouac hats committed the attack.


Corrupt investigators initially thought of suicide, but after examining surveillance footage they ruled it out.